Sellers, Don't Let These Easy Fixes Show Up on Your Home Inspection!

Feb 5, 2017

Getting your home ready to list can seem like a never ending task. Your efforts finally bear fruit when your home falls under contract, but there is one more hurdle to clear. The home inspection. The following items are cheap and easy to correct and will be noticed by a home inspector. Even if you are not selling your home these are good housekeeping practices. Click the image below for a "Quick Fix Checklist" that summarizes this article.

  1. Trim all trees and shrubs away from the house
  • Causes wear to roof and siding
  • Easy path for pests into home
  • Promotes high moisture which can lead to wood rot
  1. Provide clearance from bottom of siding or brick to top of soil or landscaping material
  • 4" clearance for brick
  • 6" clearance for siding
  • Allows walls to vent moisture
  • Prevents moisture from wicking into walls
  • Keeps subterranean insects out of walls
  1. Replace all burned out light bulbs

A burned out bulb could be mistakenly reported as an electrical problem and cause unnecessary headaches.

  1. Fix slow sink and tub drains

A slow drain caused by hair or other local clogging could be reported as a more serious ($$$) plumbing problem.

  1. Check sink drains for leaks

Run water and use a flashlight to look for leaks on drain pipes below sink.

  1. Keep firewood and lumber off the ground

Stack it away from the house on masonry blocks.

  1. Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smoke detectors are required in each bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home
  • Carbon monoxide detectors required in homes with fuel burning appliances and attached garages
  • Refer to manufacturer's instructions for specific installation instructions
  1. Adjust garage door sensors

Optical sensors need to be installed 6" above garage floor to prevent crushing incidents.

  1. Disable garage door locks (if necessary)

If a garage door opener is installed, remove or disable the locks to prevent spectacular garage door failure. Kids love to play with these.

  1. Change HVAC air filter

A dirty filter will not allow your system to perform optimally and could result in recommendation for additional evaluation or repair of your HVAC system.